The Best Cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max Pacific Blue

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the latest variant to be released;with its latest features comprising of an enhanced pro camera system,their recently made LiDAR Scanner, and an impressive Super Retina XDR display among other gimmicks,it’s hard to deny the appeal Apple has. On top of all that,there are even two variants for consumers to […]

Will You Be the First Purchaser of iPhone 12?

There are dozens of rumors doing rounds about the expected release date of the iPhone 12. According to a twitter thread from @leaksapplepro, the eagerly awaited phone will be rolled out in October this year. Many people have not seen this device, however, they have decided to invest their money on it because of rumors […]

Without a Charger, Will You still Look Forward to Iphone 12?

Without a Charger, Will You still Look Forward to Iphone 12

There were early rumors that iPhone 12 would not provide chargers and earpods. This news is confirmed by many Apple manufacturers. Not providing earpods is already the practice of Android phone vendors, customers seem to accept it. But the charger is an accessory that replenishes energy for the mobile phone, without it, it will directly […]

This is What iPhone 12 Looks Like? Latest News

this is what iPhone 12 looks like

Rumors about the iPhone 12 have been flying around recently. Apple’s official website doesn’t seem to desperately protect its secrets like before. The popularity of iPhone SE 2020 has not faded, and speculation about the iPhone 12 has made people more interested. Recently, we obtain a phone mold that is suppose to be an iPhone 12 from a certain channel. […]