Sale price$149.99

Color: Clear (Glitter)
Model: iPhone 15 Pro Max


Sale price$149.99

Crystal Crush Series Magic Stand Version

CASEKOO iPhone Crystal-Inlayed Glitter Phone Case with Built-in Magnetic Kickstand and MagSafe Compatible

Available for iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 series

Crystal Inlayed Design

Make a bold statement with our Crystal Crush Version, adorned with intricately inlaid crystals. This unique design adds a touch of sophistication, turning your iPhone into a dazzling accessory.

Luxry Glitter Design

Revel in the glamour of the luxury glitter design. The case adds a touch of elegance to your iPhone, capturing and reflecting light for a dazzling effect. Make your iPhone shine with every glance.

MagSafe Compatible

Step into the future of technology with MagSafe compatibility. The Crystal Crush Version seamlessly integrates with MagSafe accessories, offering a secure and efficient connection for a variety of innovative attachments.

Casekoo designed CrystalCrush with the aim of providing our customers with
a unique case that sets them apart from the crowd and adds a touch of
exclusivity to their style.
Casekoo designed CrystalCrush with the aim of providing
our customers with a unique case that sets them apart from the
crowd and adds a touch of exclusivity to their style.
Shine Bright Like A Diamond
This phone case you can NEVER resist –
luxurious, sparkling, and fulfilling all your fantasies.
A Lasting Radiance
With our exclusive
semi-inlay technique,
the gems remain intact,
preserving the case's
pristine allure. It's not
just a case; it's an
Invisible Magic Stand
The adjustable stand offers the flexibility to use it at various
angles ranging from 40° to 120°.
Magsafe Charging
With its enhanced magnetic force, it guarantees a secure,
rapid charging experience for your device.
The Ultimate Token of Affection
The crystal-encrusted case resonates with elegance,
making it the perfect gift for your loved one.
casekoo crystal crush glitter series magic stand clear phone case clear photo by natalie2


casekoo crystal crush glitter series magic stand purple phone case photo by karla1


casekoo crystal crush magic stand phone case clear photo by ergi


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ashley Conley
Love Love Love my case!

My purple glitter case with the crystals is beyond beautiful. I get so many compliments on it. I love the texture of the stones. I also love how the ring comes out so that I can stand my phone up in different angles. The hinge is sturdy enough that as much as I use it, it's not loosened up at all. I've been using the case for a couple of months. I also have the car mount and use it with my case on my phone. I thought that having it magnetized and holding up my phone would cause the crystals to fall off but they haven't! Yes, this case is really expensive but it's so worth it!

Deysi Gonzalez

The best and the most beatifull case in the world! Perfecto fit!

Richard Eberhardt
More bling please

Great protection, great design, and looks really good.

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