CASEKOO Clear Lock Series Cases for iPhone

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Model: iPhone 15 Pro


Color: Black
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Why does Clear Case Turned Yellow?

UV Light Exposure

Natural Aging Process

After a certain period of time, the deterioration of materials will lead to the product turning yellow

Most Common: Oils and Sweat


90% of the yellowing in clear phone cases is due to external dirt penetrating into the case. - Causing colored bacteria to grow.
The bacteria continue to accumulate inside the case -Causing the case to turn yellow-Causing the case to turn yellow


We Developed - ClearLock Anti-Yellowing Technology

To Get Rid of Clear Case From Yellowing

CRYS-GEL™ Molecular Filler

CRYS-GEL™ is an innovative crystal molecular filler created by Casekoo. Contain Antimicrobial and blue resin, which reduces the accumulation of yellowing substances from penetrating TPU, and maintains long-lasting clarity

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Magic Stand Series
Mag Clear Series
Clear Lock Series
Koo Shock Series
Magic Stand Series

Invisible Magic Stand design brings a better
experience on hand, very stable in use,
and supports multi-angle.

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Mag Clear Series

Adapted MagPrime magnetic array, along with
N52SH magnets, which together provide a magnetic force 150% stronger than other magnets.

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Clear Lock Series

Used an innovative crystal molecular filler,
reduces the accumulation of yellowing substances
and maintains long-lasting clarity.

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Koo Shock Series

Streamlined bumper design provides a non-slip
grip on two sides, a Zero-smudges matte craft back
panel avoiding stains and fingerprints.

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