This is What iPhone 12 Looks Like? Latest News

this is what iPhone 12 looks like

Rumors about the iPhone 12 have been flying around recently. Apple’s official website doesn’t seem to desperately protect its secrets like before. The popularity of iPhone SE 2020 has not faded, and speculation about the iPhone 12 has made people more interested.

Recently, we obtain a phone mold that is suppose to be an iPhone 12 from a certain channel. Some of them are different from our imagine, while others meet our imagination. Let us take a closer look.

Color of new iPhone

Allegedly iPhone12 will launch a new color: navy blue. It is undoubtedly good news for those who are looking forward to the iPhone’s more outstanding performance. Some people think that the iPhone11 series of phones are “too feminine”.Look at their colors, purple, mint green, yellow, etc.–it is not surprising to have such a voice. Perhaps Apple’s official heard such a call, so decided to launch a new navy blue machine. Apple’s color has never disappointed, I believe this time will be no exception.

Size of three models

As can be seen from the mold, the size comparison of the three new machines is very sharp. Apple is said to launch four mobile phones this year, two of which have the same size. Let’s compare their sizes separately.

three molds of iPhone 12

The smallest new machine size is 5.4 inches, which is smaller than the newly launched SE this year. The largest model will be 6.7 inches, larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max launched at the end of 19. I believe this will be good news for those who love big screen phones.

And Apple has also fully consider the people who do not prefer large-size mobile phones.Or those who like to type smoothly with one hand. Between 5.4 and 6.7 is the “just right” 6.2-inch model. It is said that this model will have two different mobile phones, so there will be a significant difference in price and performance.

Button Design

We compared the three molds and carefully compared the difference in button design between them and the past mobile phone series.

iPhone 12 button design

It can be seen that in the design of the speaker and the charging port, Apple has continued the previous design. Indeed, at present it seems that Apple has little reason to change the design of this part.

iPhone 12 button design

In the button section on the side, we found that Apple has not made any changes to the volume button or SIM card slot.

Camera: three or four

iPhone 12 camera design

Regarding iPhone12, its camera should be one of the most concerned factors. From the shape of the mold, we can clearly see that the 6.2-inch and 6.7-inch new machines do not use the rumored design of the four cameras, but continue to use the three cameras of the iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. This may disappoint many people, but let us think about it seriously, do we really need so many cameras?

Streamlined or tough

Many people hope that the outer contour of the iPhone will have sharp corners, and this time they may be disappointed again. From the corners of the mold, we can clearly see that the four corners of the iPhone 12 are still round.This also continues the design style of the iPhone 11.