The Most Drop-Resistant Case for iPhone

The Most Drop-Resistant Case for iPhone

Smartphones are getting thinner and thinner every year. Beneath that glass sandwich work of art, however, is a lurking danger: cracking. Of all the phones, the iPhone, with its clean aesthetic and sheets of glass, can be particularly at risk. Glass is pretty, but it is also brittle.

Designing the Most Drop Resistant Case: Why Having a Case is So Important for Your iPhone

A drop from waist height can result in catastrophic damages, and repair costs can be sky-high. For reference, Apple charges $549 to repair a back glass panel, a figure so jaw-dropping that deters repair. Having a protective case is very important to protecting the phone.

Why Having a Case is So Important for Your iPhone

In fact, having a drop-resistant case is even more important. A simple, sleek case that offers little in the ways of drop protection may not be enough to help the phone withstand the drops and bumps of everyday life.

The Common Scenes for Phone Drops

Phones drop, but there are scenes where phones commonly drop. Although drop tests videos are available, they simply are not the same as the daily dangers that may arise.

One of the most common scenes for drop damage is from a table or a desk. Glass phones are slippery, and they can slowly slide off of a smooth surface without even any aid. Phones, moreover, are not entirely motionless. Even on a tabletop that is not slippery, the buzzing from notifications or phone calls can make phones inch dangerously close to the edge and fall over.

While the new generation of glass used on iPhones is very strong and scratch resistant, glass is still glass in the end. Hitting an awkward corner at an awkward angle can still result in a crack, or even worse, a spider crack that ruins the entire back or front.

Another common scene is from a pocket. While phones generally are durable enough to withstand a drop from 2.5 feet, there is still a risk of regional cracking from impacting with hard materials—like concrete. A drop from the pocket, therefore, even if it seems like not a high distance, can still result in bad cracking for the phone.

The Most Vulnerable Parts of the Phone

Back panels and phone screens

Back panels and phone screens

Modern glass sandwich phones leave large areas of the phone exposed to cracking. Back panels and phone screens are the most vulnerable areas for cracking. Large glass panes are inherently not well designed to withstand falls.

Pressure or impact to a corner, for example, produces a large point of pressure that travels across the glass, and the best way for the glass to relieve that pressure is by cracking.

Generally, glass panels can best survive a fall that is directly flat, so the force is evenly distributed across the entire panel, but even then, glass’s brittleness would cause the entire panel to shatter. Either scenario makes the glass panels vulnerable.

The border of a phone

One may think that the border of a phone is not as much at risk, because phone borders are often made of metals. While this certainly may be true, the border of a phone is not safe. Dropping a phone from a reasonable height may dent the border, squishing the panels and causing damage.

The border of a phone

Worse still, landing on a border may cause the phone to spin and hit the ground several more times, introducing new instances of impact that could also damage the glass.

The cameras

The final vulnerable area of the phone to damage is the cameras. Cameras are very precise and require clean glass to take high quality pictures. Drops and scratches to the camera lens can forever impair a phone’s ability to take photography.

The cameras

In fact, on many smartphones, the camera protrusion (“camera hump”) makes the cameras prime targets for cracking and damage. When hitting the ground, the protrusion often hits the ground first, taking the brunt of the impact, which can result in major damage to the lens and glass.

The Need for a Good Case

To prevent catastrophic phone damage and unnecessary spending, therefore, a protective case is needed. Not only would a case bring personality to the phone, it also protects the phone from the kinds of everyday falls that could ruin a phone.

The Need for a Good Case

Cases are not all made equal, however. Some thin cases are too slippery, and do not remedy the problem of slippage on tabletops, or could slip out of pockets. Others simply do not offer the level of protection needed.

A thin, poorly designed case does not transmit impact well, and could instead have the effect of amplifying impact, doing exactly the opposite of what a case should do—protect.

Buying the right case, thus, is essential.

The Casekoo Defender Armor Hard Case

The Casekoo Defender Armor Hard Case is the kind of case that one should buy to protect the phone from damage. The case exceeded military grade drop tests by passing the U.S. military-grade drop test “MIL-STD-810G” certification by SGS.

Interior shock airbags and shock TPU cushions are thickened in the four corners, protecting the phone from drops even as high as 10 ft (3 m).

The Need for a Good Case-Casekoo defense armor case

Additionally, the case includes an enhanced camera protection that fully covers the camera area, and also includes a 1.3 mm lip on the front to protect the display glass from drops.

Casekoo’s unique non-slip and scratch resistant back is designed to prevent slippage. With the case, the phone would not slip out of the pocket or off of the table, and it is also resistant to oil, water, and fingerprints. The Casekoo Defender Armor Hard Case blends style and utility to offer protection.

The Casekoo Defender Armor Hard Case

Cases should be well-made and safely made. The Casekoo Defender Armor Hard Case has passed level 10 certifications for material safety, meeting safety standard for Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffin, Phthalates, Lead, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Cadmium in POPS.

The Casekoo Defender Armor Hard Case protects the iPhone well and is the most drop-resistant case with its drop-proof technology. The case protects the phone and the user: made with safety and protection in mind for all. To prevent catastrophic damage from happening to your phone, invest in the Casekoo Defender Armor Hard Case to peace of mind.