The Most Drop-Resistant Case for iPhone

The Most Drop-Resistant Case for iPhone

Smartphones are getting thinner and thinner every year. Beneath that glass sandwich work of art, however, is a lurking danger: cracking. Of all the phones, the iPhone, with its clean aesthetic and sheets of glass, can be particularly at risk. Glass is pretty, but it is also brittle. Designing the Most Drop Resistant Case: Why […]

How to Prevent Smudging My iPhone with Fingerprints


Fingerprints on phone make me nuts In our daily life, who do we spend most time with? Not our children, not our lover, but our mobile phones. If you use an iPhone and turn on the “ScreenTime” function, you will be frightened by its statistics—you spend so much time every week staring at your phone. Since we spend so much […]

Why They Are Selling Phone Cases?

Shockproof Bumper Frost Clear Case Misty Black From CASEKOO

Recently, many famous international brands have lunched phone cases. The high-priced phone case that Louis Vuitton launched should be the most eye-catching. The new range of iPhone 7 cases are called the Eye-Trunk which aims to reflect Louis Vuitton’s history as a luggage designer. Prices of the cases can start from $1,180 and even up […]