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A USB power strip redefined to outperform other conventional power strips and USB chargers combined, in both function and design. It fast charges your MacBook to 55% in as little as 30 mins without the need of fiddling with a bulky adapter and replugging it back and forth to the old, ugly extension cord on the floor. Smart inbuilt IC guarantees optimized and safest charging in a snap.

One USB cable is all it takes to charge any of your mobile devices, including power-guzzling laptops. iSwift’s strategic layout of outlets separates USB and AC ports on two different sides, so the plugged cables on either side will keep out of each other while running parallel to keep the mess at bay. So your desktop will always remain clutter-free and your mind stress-free.

Powercloud is the world’s first and only USB power strip that matches your Apple devices’ iconic design, transforming a tool on the floor to an ornament on your desk. It also blends perfectly into any room décor. Whether it’s your office desk, a conference table, a TV cabinet, or a nightstand, it never fails to deliver faster and more convenient power to all your devices as well as look elegant yet unobtrusive.

Quality & Security always come first for Powercloud. Made with the highest standard of fireproof material in the industry, and equipped with 10-fold failproof safety features, it makes sure you and your valuable devices are both fully protected. Top product quality and customer service that last a lifetime are attached to every single iSwift. Any problem is promised to be solved within 24 hours.

With 3 AC, 2 USB C(65W&20W), and 1 USB A(18W) outputs, it is your ideal charging solution to meet the diverse power needs of all your families, to improve work efficiency and entertainment enjoyment alike. It auto-identifies and adjusts each individual charge current to the optimal to achieve the shortest overall charge time for all your smart gadgets.


Power Cloud


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