Magnetic Car Mount

The strongest sense of stability
As for the latest version of CASEKOO’s in-vehicle holder, we gathered the opinions of our customers so far, and found that there is a drawback that “the magnetic force is insufficient and it easily falls.” For this reason, we have adopted the industry’s highest level neodymium magnet, and the attractive force is 30 times more than usual, and it is firmly fixed even if it shakes greatly at a step while driving or suddenly brakes! In addition, the N pole and S pole of each magnet become a stable closed magnetic circuit, allowing smooth communication without radio wave interference.
Super-adhesive 3M tape, which cannot be removed even in summer
To firmly fix the in-vehicle holder, we have adopted super-strong 3M double-sided tape, which has excellent adhesiveness, durability, and heat resistance. In addition, by increasing the adhesive area of ​​the tape to 6 mm larger than before, the adhesive strength is further improved, and there is no worry that the adhesion to the car will be firmly displaced or dropped! In addition, even if the temperature inside the car reaches 50 degrees, it cannot be recovered.
Mounting just by placing it
Unlike the conventional type that narrows the terminal, it is a one-touch type that can be easily attached and detached, it can be attached just by placing it, and no extra steps are required. Also, since you can use it while the smartphone is charged, you can drive comfortably without worrying about the remaining battery level.
Rotable 360 degrees
A ball that can be rotated 360 degrees is adopted, and you can freely operate the smartphone horizontally or vertically with the smartphone attached, and you can adjust even the optimal vision. In addition, the precision of the alloy structure allows for excellent adhesion between the rotating ball and holder, and can be firmly fixed after adjusting the angle!


casekoo car mount
CASEKOO Magnetic Rotary Phone Holder for all phone models


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1 × Accessories Package for Magnetic Car Mount
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casekoo Defense Armor Matte Hard Case


Strong Magnetic Car Mount

30 times stronger suction force than regular magnets and holds your phone steady while driving on bumpy roads.

Heat-resistant adhesive by 3M

Our 3M adhesive comes with the most advanced recipe to increase adhesiveness, durability and heat resistance.

360° Free rotation

This magnetic car holder mount is adjustable for a most convenient angle for the driver and swives easily for either vertical or horizontal placement.

Single-hand operation

Convenient enough to ensure safe driving, CASEKOO car phone holder mount magnetic can be easily adjusted or operated while driving safely


Product Dimensions

3.3 x 2.9 x 2 inches

Item Weight

3.2 ounces




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we persist in the principle of exceptional quality, unique design, and environmentally friendly materials.
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we will keep improving our design and customer services.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I've monkeyed with several different phone mount designs over the years that clamp the phone in various ways. All of the others worked just fine but took a little fiddling with to get the phone in place, only to have to pop it back out to use the phone and then fuss with getting it back in. This has to be the best mount I have ever used! No holes to drill, the included double-sided adhesive tape does an excellent job at holding the base to your dash. The base has a small foot-print so finding a bare spot on your dash is not difficult.


I put this on my dash to hold my phone. I added one of the magnets to the back of a pop socket and it worked well. I also added one to a case and it was easy to connect/disconnect. Most importantly, it passed the rocky-road bump test. Recommended.


I love this magnetic phone holder! I have been looking for somewhere to put my phone in my car that��s not just laying it on my leg and having it fall constantly as I��m driving. I have tried the ones that go in the vent, sticky pads (YUCK!), and one that goes in the cup holder. None of them work very well, but this is amazing.

Works as described

I couldn’t believe how well this product works. Solid Attachment to my car dash with strong magnetic pull. I was given 2 packets containing the magnets and wipes so installation was easy — and I have a spare. Would definitely purchase again.


I got this for my RV since there was no good spot to put the phone that I also use for navigation. My first trip was down a very bumpy rustic mountain road and then a curvy mountain road for 2 hours. It passed the test, phone did not fall off once! If this keeps working so well I'll get one for my car too since phone holders like this are impossible to find.


The magnet is quite strong and holds my phone in place firmly for navigation. The only drawback is that the magnet is strong enough that if I don't remember to gently peel my phone off when getting out of the car, I sometimes accidentally pull the mount off with the phone!


I��ve been trying different car phone holders. This one has really strong magnet which I love. The style is nice, small but so useful. It wouldn��t take much space in the car which I really like. Easy to install and use! It can be rotated 360?, super nice function. Definitely recommend to get this, worth it!


I really love this phone holder! I��ve tried so many before. The window ones always end up falling off and the vent clips fall down from the weight of my phone. This magnet is strong enough to hold my phone and keep it in place. I also like how it comes with a plastic film to stick on your phone (see pic) before you stick the magnet on so it won��t leave a residue should you ever want to remove it.


This phone car holder is really cool, compact, beautiful and practical. First time i hold it in my hand, i can feel that the alloy content of the holder is very high, the workmanship is even better. Compared with the plastic phone car holder bought before, it not only increases the practicality, but also makes the interior of my car more beautiful.


Great product with great design. It has great glue support that can hold my heavy phone also. And very small and compact design than another bulky phone holders.

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