For iPhone 13 Pro Max

Flaunts original phone design and beauty, never yellows with diamond antioxidant layer, long-lasting clarity effectively resists sweat, oil, UV-YELLOWING.

The protective cover features 4 built-in corner Airbags, aims to disperse and reduce impact, shields your iPhone in the event of a severe drop impact.

The tiny design of 2.5 mm lip over camera,1.2 mm bezel over screen and 1.2 mm raised corner lips on the back, prevent screen and camera against drops & scratches.

The slim phone case brings you greater portability and firmer grip, with no bulk and no skidding. Ergonomic slim design features just the right amount of grip, fewer toilet drops!

100% support MagSafe Wireless Charging without removing case. Please note that case not contain internal magnets. This may affect the level of adhesion, but totally support wireless charging.


iPhone 13 Pro Max Graphite Clear Case
iPhone 13 Pro Max Crystal Gray Case


casekoo case

CASEKOO Hybrid Clarity Case Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 inches 2021

Q1: Why is it more anti- yellow than other Phone Case?

A1: Because the clear cover adopts new anti- yellow material- PETG. PETG has a high-density molecular structure, which prevents sweat and oil from entering the material. At the same time, it has the function of anti-oxidation to prevent the material from oxidizing due to ultraviolet radiation.

Q2: What’s in the package?

A2: There is a phone stand and a portable cloth bag in our brand- new package.100% recyclable healthy materials are selected for packaging to ensure that it is harmless to the environment.

Q3: How protective is it?

A3: The transparent case designed with 360° surrounded shockproof airbags ( like a life cushion), can provide more comprehensive protection for your phone than a four-corner airbag, the hard backplane also provides powerful protection.

Q4: How is the grip?

A4: The phone frame with 67.8° Gold Curvature rounded edge and ergonomic design allows your hand to enjoy a comfortable grip, the sensitive buttons can effectively extend the life of the phone buttons.

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