Support All Magsafe Accessories

Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max with 38 built-in magnets, compatible with all MagSafe accessories. 15W charging for Qi-enabled devices and 5.2KG magnetism supports more stable absorption.


  • 100% support MagSafe and wireless charging
  • 99.3% Shock Absorption within 8FT
  • 2.4mm raised edges for protecting cameras
  • Comfort Grip & Precise Cutout
  • Mil-grad drop protection with certification


  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inches)
  • Works with 5G / 4G / all other standard networks


  • Product Dimensions: 2.17 x 4.07 x 2.17 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.24 ounces
  • Material: Polycarbonate shell, rubber inner layer & rubber protection frame


iphone 12 pro max guardian series
iPhone 12 Pro Max Guardian Series Case Magsafe Compatible
casekoo iPhone 12 pro max screen protector

Certified Military Grade Drop Tested

We are confident enough to print the military standard code (U.S.A MIL-STD-810G 516.6) inside the cases, as CASEKOO only provide cases that have past the military drop test as many as 2500+ times from 8ft and more.

casekoo guardian series case

Raised Lips Protect Cameras and Screen

With 1.2mm screen bezel and 2.4mm raised edges around the lens, CASEKOO Guardian Series Covers avoid potential friction and damages to the screen and cameras either put face-up or face-down.

casekoo guardian series case
casekoo guardian series case

Easily install & remove

casekoo guardian series case

Fits into pocket

casekoo guardian series case

Secure grip & Support MagSafe

casekoo guardian series case
casekoo guardian series case

black, navy blue

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good case with a minor suggested addition to the design

An elegant looking case with posh colors. Very easy to install and the packaging was good. Also comes with a stand that helps on a desk. Only downside I saw was that the sides were smooth and so there is a possibility of slippage from the hands. I would suggest the manufacturer to add some grip to the sides.

Rushabh Phadkule
Great case. Perfect substitute for brands that are more well known yet of less quality.

I always love Casekoo products. The case is sturdy yet not that heavy. I'm a clumsy fellow. So that's good to know my phone won't have any kind of damage. Also the magsafe works really well. I charged my phone from 20% to 85% without my phone getting excessively heated up, unlike the other cases I've tried.The edges are soft so that you don't have worry about scratches when you put on the cover.

High quality case

Excellent case feel good in hands this one will protect your phone for sure for drops

Thanks for your support to Casekoo!

Sleek and Sturdy!

Loving this case!! I love the sleekness and sturdiness of the case. It’s the perfect size for my iPhone 12 Pro Max! It’s got this really nice leatherette type of texture on the back of the case and silicone feel on the side! I highly recommend this one! 😊

Easy to use, easy to clean, simple case

Simple case where you can't remove the rubber portion (which is a plus) because I have an otterbox case that has two parts (plastic and rubber) piece to it. My case has worn out now and whenever I hold the phone at night, the rubber piece falls out (since it does not hold in place anymore) and thus my phone falls as a result. So i liked this touch they added by making sure both pieces are merged and not removable. Apart from that, I disinfect my phone every day due to covid and the case is holding up ok so far to disinfectant wipes and sprays.

high quality case

Love iPhone cases from CASEKOO! This one is as always of great quality. It fits the phone well. It’s durable and makes me feel confident it can have a good protection on the iPhone. Yet it’s quite slim as you can see in the picture taking from the side of the phone.

Great Military Protection iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

I purchased this CASEKOO iPhone 12 Pro Max case because of the Military Protection standard and testing that this case has been designed with. The case is very sturdy and surface texture is smooth, yet not slippery on the sides. The back has rough, but soft/smooth texture. This is not a slim case, but for the protection, it is not considered bulky. The case is compatible for Magsafe chargers and even has magnets within the case itself to better connect with your Magsafe chargers, which I thought was a really nice feature. The inside of the case has some grip to keep your phone secure. The buttons are laser etched and very clean, yet are soft and malleable to the touch, allowing for issue free use of your iphone buttons. I like that the back has the CASEKOO metallic logo. Very happy with this case and will use when I am traveling outdoors for the added protection.

Thanks for your support to Casekoo!

Alfredo Ramirez
Excellent and high quality product !!!

This product fits perfectly on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. The quality is super and so far it seems very durable. I will recommend this product to anyone who wants to take care of their phone.

abhishek v
Good quality

Had a good grip. Design could be better. Overall a very good case to buy

Thanks for your support to Casekoo!

Norman C. Schoenborn
What a great case, Just love it

Got mine the other day, (WOW) Great feel to case, very good looking, stylus. doesn't add any bulk to phone and sharp. Got lots of compliments on it so far and I just love it. CASEKOO went all out on this one. Might cost few more dollars then another case but well worth it. THEY WENT ALL OUT ON THIS ONE. Oh by the way adds great protection and charges great on cordless charger.