Built-in magnets crystal clear 12/12 Pro Case works perfectly with any product compatible with MagSafe. With a signal anti-interference shield, not only the case has excellent protection but also keeps 15W high-speed charging.

Germany Bayer materials and anti-oxidant coatings don’t react with ultraviolet, nor yellow over time, while other clear cases may discolor within 1 month.

Equipped with the anti-collision angle patent,4 corners bouncy airbags for impact-resistant can strongly protect the phone from falling and collision. The backplane made with rigid polycarbonate and the flexible rubber bumpers around the edge provide an excellent full-protection.

Raised bezels prevent the screen and camera from breaking & scratches. The tiny design of 2.5 mm raised camera edge, 1 mm raised screen edge, and 0.5 mm raised corners on the back provide comprehensive protection.

The crystal clear case is designed to be slim to fit in the pocket easily, offering enough firm grip and max protection, with no bulk and no slippery.


clear case magsafe
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro Magnetic Crystal Clear Case-Magsafe Compatible


Crystal-clear Not Yellowing & Military Grade Drop protection and full compatibility with all MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

clear magsafe case 1
clear magsafe case 1
clear magsafe case 1
clear magsafe case 1
clear magsafe case 1

CASEKOO Crystal Clear Magnetic Compatible with iPhone 12 /12 Pro Case 6.1 inches 2020

Q1: Is it compatible with iPhone 12 Pro?

A1: Yes, this protective case is compatible with iPhone 12/12 Pro 2020 and fits perfectly. Ports & speakers 100% accessible, precisely molded with the genuine phone. Please kindly let us know if there is any quality issue, including accidentally buying the wrong size. 🙂

Q2: Does this Crystal clear designed for iPhone 12 /12 Pro case support MagSafe?

A2: Of course yes, it supports Apple’s official and Qi-certified MagSafe chargers and wireless chargers. The adsorption force is very strong and will not affect the charging speed.

Q3: Will this clear case turn yellow over time?

A3: No, this crystal clear magnetic designed for iPhone 12,designed for iPhone 12 Pro case adopts Germany imported Bayer materials and anti-oxidant coatings are optimized to prevent yellowing for a half year, always keep crystal clear.

Q4: Does it have raised edges for extra protection if drops?

A4: Yes, there are raised bezels at 4 corners that give comprehensive protection to prevent the screen and camera from breaking and scratches.

Q5: How’s the grip?

A5: Excellent grip. This Magnetic Crystal Clear designed for iPhone 12,designed for 12 Pro Case has the same sensitivity as a real machine and the smooth buttons to press easily effortlessly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Anjali Setlur Nagesh
just WOW!

Ordered this magsafe clear case for a friend and I'm blown away with the quality. It's perfectly sturdy, yet light! It is super clear and the ring makes it very classy. Fits my friend's iPhone 12 pro like a glove with an extra lip to protect the edges. Totally worth the price. Just go for it!

Worth the price

This clear case is ideal for me as I like to want shop off the color of my iPhone. This is also reasonably priced and very sturdy. Works perfectly fine with MagSafe chargers.

Thanks for your support to Casekoo!

Great Case

This is the second case I’ve gotten from them and I’ve loved them both. It has a great feel and great fit. It is a lot more protective than you would think also.

Thanks for your support to Casekoo!


Not what i was expecting it was better.. super nice quality and and my phone looks very nice and clean.. like to show it off

Alex Leon
Stop searching, buy Casekoo!

This case is slick! I accidentally dropped my phone when installed the case and believe me, it’s a keeper. I can’t believe it took my so long to find an honest case supplier! Thanks Casekoo! Long lasting customer for years to come!

Thanks for your support to Casekoo!

Get this case if you want to use MagSafe Accessories

I bought a Apple MagSafe wallet and figured it would just work with any case. Pretty much I was wrong. It would not stick to a standard case. After spending probably more then I should for the wallet I started looking for a case that was inexpensive and would work. I saw this case and for the price it almost seemed too good to be true.After getting this Casekoo in my hands I was throughly impressed. Check out my pics and video to see the case in action. I was suprised that the case even came with a free bonus stand which turns out to super sturdy.All in all this case is great and I highly recommend!!

Thanks for your support to Casekoo!

Great clear case with MagSafe. It will protect your iPhone while making look great in your hand

Crystal clear, great material, non slippery and makes you Iphone 12 look beautiful. I am very happy with this case after trying several others. This one holds your wallet perfectly, no risk to slip off.

Michael Reed
Clear mag safe case!

Case fits iPhone12 / 12 Pro perfectly and snugly. The clear case allows me to show off my iPhone color which I like. The case feels nice, not slippery like a bar of soap. Mag safe verified - will charge through the case - very nice!! Casekoo continues to produce quality cases that I enjoy and I know my phone will be protected.

Well designed case

I have to say this is a really nicely designed and built case. It fits perfect with full use of buttons and speakers/microphones. This is my first time using a completely clear case and it’s pretty cool. Can actually enjoy the full design of my phone. This is my second case by this company. The first has a clear back and hasn’t changed colors or scratched after months of hard use so I’m assuming this one will hold up as well! It has an interesting texture of being hard but soft at the same time. I like it because it seems like it will protect the phone but at the same time is comfortable in my hand and somewhat grippy. Sounds silly but it’s kind of cool too that you can see the air pocket in the corners that many manufactures are using to protect your phone during drops. The buttons have a nice click feel when you press them so you actually know you’ve hit them. I never use them but for those that do, it has those two little holes so you can attach a lanyard. Another convenience is it doesn’t wrap around the screen as much as other cases so it doesn’t affect my screen protector. I’ve had many cases before that peel up the edge of screen protectors but this one stays out of the way. Kind of obvious but I guess I should mention that the circle on the back helps you line up MagSafe accessories and charger easily. Overall I’d say go for it if you are in the market for a clear case.

Thanks for your support to Casekoo!

J. Alvarez
Magnets really work! Great quality for the price

This is a very neat case, lightweight but providing good protection, cristal clear and the magnets really work!! It looks really nice on my iPhone 12 Pro.

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