For iPhone 12/12 Pro

Ergonomic shape design + nano-abrasive macromolecular structure matte coating features a sliky touching, comfy grip without slippery, you won’t put your phone down with this case on.

Certified drop protection up to MIL-STD-810H standard thanks to inner airbags at 4 corners & anti-burst back shell, strongly protect your phone from falling, collision and friction loss. Raised lips design around the screen(1.5mm) and lens(1.8mm) as standard, built to stand daily wear and tear.

Upgraded Nano-oleophobic layer effectivly dilutes oil stains and fingerprints, fingerprint magnets issue never gonna happen. Adopted same matte technology design of iPhone back, keeps continuous anti-scratch more than a year in any friction.

100% support MagSafe Wireless Charging without removing case. Please note that case not contain internal magnets. This may affect the level of adhesion, but totally support wireless charging.

Came with portable phone stand, free your hands in FaceTime, watching movies, video conference and so on. Custom fabrics drawstring pouch that can be used to clean your phone.


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Why do you need a matte clear case for iPhone 12/12 Pro?

1.ProtectionCertified MIL-STD-810H drop test. Airbags insides at 4 corners, anti-burst back molecular structure, raised lips around the screen(1.5mm) and lens(1.8mm) strongly protect the phone from falling, collision and friction loss. No need to worry about the daily wear and tear of your phone at all.Glossy cases are infamously slippery, especially over time, as they collect more and more skin oils. A matte finish repels these marks and tends to be easier to grip because its often rougher texture. Reduce the risk of dropping your phone due to slipperiness.

The winner: Matte

2.Anti-fingerprintThere’s a clear winner here. Anyone who’s owned a glossy case or device will agree: those things are fingerprint magnets! Like with scratches or nicks, glossy finishes attract fingerprints and smudges like flies to honey. Because the way glossy cases reflect light, oily smears and prints are unpleasantly highlighted. In contrast, matte finishes tend to hide these marks exceptionally well.

The winner: Matte

3.Anti-scratchWhen it comes to maximizing the life of your phone case, you may want to consider resistance to the inevitable wear and tear that comes with everyday use. Small nicks and scratches are more easily hidden on a matte case, especially if the surface is rougher. On a glossy case, a scratch has nowhere to hide, as it more noticeably breaks up the even, reflective surface.

The winner: Matte

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Praween Kumar

The product is really cool & easy to use. The addition of the phone stand idea was awesome. Love the product.

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