CASEKOO x ZHC Space Mural Case for iPhone 14 Series

By combining the brand-new ultra-protective materials and groundbreaking magnetic kickstand design,with only about 2mm added to the size of your phone, which is so portable but without sacrificing compatibility with MagSafe accessories and protection performance. In addition, the stand has been embedded perfectly into a shallow groove, folded flat in any pocket when not in use, unfelt when carried, turning into an invisible daily companion.

At CASEKOO, we believe LOVE is the reason to form a community, whether it’s the love of art, sports, or music.Zach Hsieh(also known as ZHC)has gained popularity from his larger-than-life art time lapses, challenges, and giveaway videos. ZHC’s videos attracted CASEKOO to partner with Zach on this series, and we hope we can help those in need by combining our expertise.

(1)Compatibility: Compatible with MagSafe and ALL MagSafe accessories and third-party Qi-certified wireless chargers. Including and not limited to MagSafe car mount, magnetic wallet, wireless power bank, etc.
(2)Strongest Magnets: N52
MagSafe: N48 1200 gf
Before: N52 1600gf
NEW: N52 2000gf
UP: 6 times more magnetic than other magnetic cases and 1.5 times more magnetic than Apple magnetic cases.
(3) High Transmission Array: MagPRIME™ – Exclusive Patent Magnetic Array
Achieving 0% power loss, making wireless charging faster and steadier than with other cases. It saves your charging time and further improves the wireless charging experience.

(1) Omnidirectional Protection
U-shock 2.0 Bigger Corner Air Cushion
3-Layer TPU Bumper Buffer Struct
(2) Camera & Screen Protection
Camera: 2.5MM Raised Bezels
Screen: 1.5MM Raised Bezels
(3) Backplane Protection
Polycarbonate (the same material used in riot shields) PC back
Passed more than 5000+ extreme military-level drop resistance test
Shockproof & Anti-Scratch
(4) GripGuard Non-Slip Line
Offer effective slip-resistance and traction
Help you hold the phone firmly in your palm

To help and make a change, we will donate 50% of the sales from the ZHC x CASEKOO Limited Edition Magic Stand Case to the Make-A-Wish charity organization.

Estimated Shipping: 31st, January, 2023


CASEKOO x ZHC Crafts Space Mural Phone Case for iPhone 14 Series

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max

Customer Reviews

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This is an AMAZING iPhone art case for iPhone 14 but not the other electronics.

I want a case of everyone's art piece because when I saw the video of ZHC Crafts, what I really liked about their art piece was so CREATIVE and so INSPIRING. I also think I am a BIG (like BIGGEST FAN) of everyone in ZHC Crafts because I was inspired to do more art than music LOL. What I also love about ZHC is how he (Zach) cares about his family, friends, and supporters (subscribers/viewers) around the globe (earth). YouTube video placeholder

Jhon 3:16


Why is it only iphone 14 why not the other iphones or samsung phones?


WHy does it inly have to be a iphone 14 i wish i could be for iphon 6 to0

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