The Most Practical Gifts on Father’s Day 2020

The Most Practical Gift on Father's Day2020

Since Covid-19 sweeps the world, and many people have to stay at home to avoid infection. In the past, we could go home on weekends or vacations to accompany our parents, but on this father’s day , many people can’t.

While, we could send a practical gift to Dad remotely, hoping that the practical gift help them effectively and let him feel our sincere love. Here are the most practical Father’s Day gifts I shared this year.

Why we send a practical gift to parents

Father’s Day is a day of honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society. In America, Father’s Day was founded by Sonora Smart Dodd,and celebrated on the third Sunday of June for the first time in 1910.

Why we send a practical gift to parents

This year’s Father’s Day is June 21. People usually send a gift to their father to celebrate. While, 2020 is a special year. During Covid-19 sweeps the world, the elderly are the most susceptible to infection.

Government asked elderly stay at home to keep safety, most of them stay alone. Children couldn’t go back to take care of them. At this time, a practical package can solve many life problems for them. This is far more useful than some expensive gifts.

The most Practical gifts for dad

Mask/air purifier

Mask/air purifier

Many people don’t wear mask, yes, we can understand everyone has their own style. But in this special period, wearing a mask can protect your father. Persuading them to wear a mask is our dut ssaasy. Of course, we should prepare enough mask for them. Its a

Mask/air purifier

Disinfection products are also necessary.The virus spreads mainly through the air. Air purifier can purify the air, kill the coronavirus, parents can stay at home at ease.The Philips AIR Purifier captures 99.97% of particles that pass through the filters. It is a gift worth giving to the family.

Hair clipper &Shaver

In order to reduce staff turnover, many shops have to stop business, like Barber Shops . Even though people stop moving, people’s hair does not stop growing. Household Hair clipper is easy operating. Our father can keep good hairstyle at home.

Hair clipper &Shaver

Shaver is still the best gift on fathers’ day. A boy grow up to a man, beard is one of the symbol. Whether it is an electric shaver or a manual shaver, we only need to choose the right product according to our father’s usage habits.

Customized Family T-shirt

Accompany is the true theme of mothers’ or fathers’ day. While, adult has to leave their hometown to work, do not return home to accompany family in time. Why not order customized family t-shirts to all family members, wearing to celebrate all festivals.

Putting on a family cloths will make the lonely person feel like the family is together. When family get together, wearing a family dress will increase the atmosphere of the party, everyone will have more fun.

Phone case&screen protector

People will frequently use mobile phone when stay at home for a long time. So Phone cases and screen protector are good presents for fathers. Casekoo provide 20% off coupon code ( fathersday)to all fans. The high-quality mobile phone case is the protection that all mobile phones need.

Phone case&screen protector

There are many cases for customers choose. Whether you want crystal cases to show the original beauty of phones, or cases to feel smoothly, CASEKOO is the best choice for most people.

Meanwhile, Casekoo tempered glass film is on sale! With 9H hardness tempered glass material and upgraded pressure technology, it can withstand strong impact. The film package with installation guidance frame to assist your father apply screen protector on phone, no bubble trouble.

Car phone mount —GPS car navigation

Car phone mount ---GPS car navigation

Parents need to drive supermarket to buy enough ingredients to spend a long holiday. But the blockade of the streets made them frequently use GPS to navigate when driving. Casekoo Magnetic Car phone mount has four powerful neodymium magnets which compose a closed magnetic field.

It has 38% stronger magnetic force in the market, and offers max stability to protect your phone or GPS devices from bumps. The phone holder is light and compact with 360 rotatable, it is easier for parents to install and operate. It’s a practical for fathers who usually drive.

Accompany- say I love you

Most fathers are silent and not good at expressing love, but there is no doubt that our father  love us. When we grow up, we are unwilling to reveal our thoughts. But this will extend the psychological distance between us and our family, especially with the silent father.

Say I love you first, let our father know how much we love him, especially on Father’s day. This is the best gift for Daddy. When the virus subsides, go home to accompany parents.