Need to Protect Your New Smartphone? Best Phone Case

Need to protect your new smartphone Best Phone case

Do you know why you buy a mobile phone case?

In our daily life, almost everyone will buy a phone case for their smartphone. If someone asks us, why should you buy a mobile phone case? We may say that I don’t know, but everyone is using it, so it must be useful.

Is it true? When we buy ourselves a new mobile phone, we were excited to pick a wonderful phone case for our new device. However,when choosing a mobile phone case, in fact, we have not thought about it carefully, whether we need a phone case or not. Or, what kind of phone case do we actually need?

What are we paying for the phone case?

Need to protect your new smartphone Best Phone case
which part do you care most for a phone case

We attracted by one eye-catching pictures, we click the link, we browse the detail description of the product. And then we look at the reviews of the people who have already purchased. Finally, we click “check out”.I believe that for the most of us, the process of buying a mobile phone case is alike.

When we buy a mobile phone case on Amazon, eBay or any website, we think “this phone case looks good, I must give it a shot”. But we didn’t think about it carefully. When we make up our mind to buy a mobile phone case that is not cheap, what impressed us? Maybe because its eye-catching picture, maybe its countless praises below. Or maybe we are just wanna try a new case.

But it seems that we rarely explore the phone case itself to think about what we pay every dollar for. Is it paying for its beautiful pictures? Or pay for its exquisite packaging? But we actually know very well that what we most want to pay for is the phone case itself.

So, what do we expect from a mobile phone case? In other words, how do we choose phone case, in order to make every penny worthy?

What to look for in our phone case

What do we care about?

Let’s get straight to the point. When we choose a phone case, the first thought that must jump into our heads is “I need a strong protective phone case”. It is self-evident–it is the duty of the phone case to protect the phone well. Buying a mobile phone case that does not protect the phone is undoubtedly upside down. Especially nowadays almost all mobile phones adopt full screen settings, which means the anti-drop ability is basically zero.

Secondly, some people worry that the phone case will make their phone overheat. They think using a full-body phone case may be detrimental to the heat dissipation of the phone.Phones mainly rely on the back of the phone for heat dissipation.That’s why when you play games and watch videos on the phone for a long time, you will obviously feel the temperature of the phone rises. Putting a phone case on the phone will affect the heat dissipation of the phone and reduce the life of the phone. Especially when you like thick and heavy mobile phone case for your phone, this effect will be more obvious.

Many people are most concerned about the feel of the mobile phone case. They will hope that the feel of smartphone after wearing the phone case is similar to naked, or even better. Indeed, we use phone everyday for pretty long time. According to statistics, the average American spends more than 3 hours on a smartphone per day. If we hold a mobile phone that makes us feel  uncomfortable every day, it is like torture. Therefore, many phone cases merchants also claim their product has the silky feeling.

what should we care about?

A good mobile phone case not only provides a good touch feeling, but also needs to be non-slip and anti-fingerprints. None of us want to buy a mobile phone case that is full of dust and grease in a few days.

Of course, many people would say, “I just want to buy a case because its amazing outlook.” This is not wrong. Who doesn’t want a unique mobile phone that highlights our personality? Having a cool phone case is like having a new mobile phone, and our mood will become better. And the reason why many people frequently change the phone case is because they like the freshness it brings.

And those who pay attention to the appearance of the phone case are facing the problem of the durability of cases. As we all know, good-looking mobile phone cases are relatively easy to fade or turn yellow. This has something to do with the materials currently used to make mobile phone cases. Most mobile phone cases on the market are made of silicone ,rubber, and TPU. For these materials, the brighter the color, the worse the durability.

So why should I choose CASEKOO’s phone cases?

Crystal Clear Phone Cases

It is not easy to find a mobile phone case that meets all the above requirements. The mobile phone cases on the market are either too heavy, which greatly affects the heat dissipation of the mobile phone. Either it has a good-looking appearance, but it brakes within a few days.

CASEKOO’s crystal clear phone case perfectly solve this problem. It is a good choice for those who want a good protection for the phone case. Those who want the transparent phone case not to turn yellow, or those who are particularly concerned about whether the phone case will affect the cooling of the phone.

1.Absolutely anti-yellow

This phone case passed our sun exposure tests in the laboratory. Under the light exposure which equal to three months of normal use, the case did not turn yellow at all.

Sunshine Tests of CASEKOO’s Case

2. Often drop your phone? Don’t worry

Compared with most smooth phone cases on the market, the back of this mobile phone case is not completely smooth. In order to maximize the protection of the case, the designer add convex corners to the four corners of the case and the camera frame. In this way, when we put the phone on a rough desktop, the phone’s camera and phone case itself will not be worn.

And in terms of anti-falling, this shell is also outstanding. After upgrading the design around the four corners and buttons, it successfully pass a 6-foot drop test. This is not easy for a transparent mobile phone case. As we all know, transparent cases are generally not as protective as thick heavy cases, such as the classic products of OtterBox.

3. Attractive price

But why do so many fans choose CASEKOO instead of OtterBox? Firstly, is of course because of its good quality and good price. In daily life, we really don’t face too many situation that need extremely strong protection. However, if you love extreme sports or climbing regularly, the protective shell of OtterBox may be more suitable for you. But for most people, the protection of CASEKOO ‘s transparent phone case is enough. Whether you miss the phone that your friend hand to you, or accidentally drop it from the table, your phone will be safe and sound. Compare to almost the same OtterBox’s phone case, the price of CASEKOO is undoubtedly more attractive. And the five-year warranty also makes many fans feel more confident when placing orders.

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