CASEKOO マジックスタンドシリーズ iPhone用クーショックバージョンケース

セール価格$32.99 通常価格$36.99

目に見えない MagicStand デザインは、より優れた手元体験をもたらし、使用時に非常に安定しており、マルチアングルをサポートしています。最も強力な N52 マグネットを使用した当社のケースは、MagSafe リングを備えた他のケースよりも磁力が高くなります。 iPhone 12、13、iPhone 14シリーズで利用可能

モデル: iPhone 15 Pro Max


色: Black

セール価格$32.99 通常価格$36.99

Design C ncept

MagSafe, initially introduced by Apple for laptops, employs magnetic connection technology to prevent accidental
cable tugs and ensure precise attachment. It later extended to iPhones, enabling precise wireless charging and secure
attachment of accessories through magnets on the device's back.

With the continuous evolution of the Magsafe magnetic ecosystem, we
proudly introduce our versatile Magic Stand Cases,
where the magnetic adhesion ring has evolved into an invisible ring stand,
aiming to deliver a seamless fusion of functionality and style.

Our Most multi-functional Case

The Invisible MagicStand design enhances the tactile experience, offers support for multiple
viewing angles, is Magsafe compatible, and maintains exceptional stability during use.

Watching a Movie
Playing Video Games
Taking a Selfie
Blue Titanium
Natural Titanium
Deep Purple
Deep Blue
Space Black

Touch, Experience, and Use

With our innovative invisible MagicStand design, the stand function remains
discreetly hidden on the case's back, making it silky smooth,
and easy to carry around.

The adjustable stand offers versatile angles ranging from 40° to 120°. This feature ensures an optimal perspective for productive video calls during work and immersive movie-watching sessions.

Advanced MagSafe

MagSafe ring powered by the
strongest rare-earth magnetic core

24 magnetic rings for
built-in structural strength

Magic Stand
Usage Scenario
Video Call at Work
Fitness moment
watching movies
playing video games

Drop Defense

2.5MM and 1.5MM raised bezels for the camera and screen. Maximize your phone's protection by preventing its camera and screen from being scratched or broken.

Camera raised bezels
Screen raised bezels

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Shadab Siddika
One of the best slim case

Using it from past 2 years from iPhone 13. Love the slim profile and the looks

Brian H.
Just Buy It

Before this case I was always grabbing a little stand to put my phone on when I or my daughters were watching something on my phone (yes, I let my oldest watch crafting videos when we eat out as a family - parents know what I'm talking about). When I forgot the stand - constantly - leaning it against salt shakers or napkin dispensers gets old quick and the phone often fell over.

With this case? Problems solved. Does exactly as advertised.

Bonus? When I'm walking my dog I use the stand as a phone holder in my hand and have zero fear of it slipping out of my grasp as we walk now too!

If you are thinking about buying the case do yourself a favor and just buy it.

Mike B

This is an awesome case. Protection all around; cut out for the USB-C allows for bigger plugs; MagSafe has a strong connection; and the support ring on the back is sturdy & high quality.

Very good case.

I've been using this case for about a week now, so far so good. Ring keeps phone standing stable. Overall quality of the case is good. Can definitely recommend.

Gaucha Boo
To my own surprise: not wow 😔

I was so excited to get this case for my brand new iPhone 15 Pro max. Delivery was super fast and amazing package. The case however didn’t look as good as expected and the ring functionality as hand holder for the iPhone is not comfortable. The edges hurts my finger. The ring as stand functionality however is great. So I am a bit torn, plus that the available colors for the iPhone 15 were not diverse and the uncomfortable feeling when holding the phone with the ring is a let down for me unfortunately. I am so gutted. This case had it all to be perfect.