Without a Charger, Will You still Look Forward to Iphone 12?

Without a Charger, Will You still Look Forward to Iphone 12

There were early rumors that iPhone 12 would not provide chargers and earpods. This news is confirmed by many Apple manufacturers. Not providing earpods is already the practice of Android phone vendors, customers seem to accept it. But the charger is an accessory that replenishes energy for the mobile phone, without it, it will directly affect everyone’s use. So why does the iPhone 12 cancel these two accessories?

What will be in the iPhone 12 box?

iPhone 11 box:

  • iPhone 11 with iOS 13-4G
  • EarPods with Lightning Connector
  • Lightning-to-USB cable
  • 5W USB Power Adapter
  • Phone documentation

iPhone 12 box:

  •  iPhone 12 with iOS 14- 5G
  • Lightning-to-USB cable
  • Phone documentation
What will be in the iPhone 12 box

Compared with iPhone11, lightning cable is the only accessory of iPhone12. Without earphones and chargers, the packaging box of iPhone 12 will be much thinner.

Just as Android users need to buy earphones separately, subsequent Apple users also need to buy earphones and chargers separately. The good news is that without the old 5w adapter, Apple is preparing a 20w adapter globally to provide users who need to buy it.

Is Apple just to save costs?

After many Android mobile phone brands have successively launched 5g mobile phones, Apple’s iPhone 12 will finally add 5g chips. The epidemic has increased the cost of manual assembly and mobile phone components. If coupled with the demand for 5g in order to cater to the market, the price of the new iPhone will inevitably be much higher than the release price of the iPhone 11.

Is Apple just to save costs

The popularity of iPhone 11 in the global market undoubtedly proves that Apple is successful. While the current global epidemic has not been effectively controlled, in order for Apple to continue to maintain this success, it is necessary to maintain the price of the new generation at the same or lower than that of the iPhone 11.

Eliminating chargers and earphones can undoubtedly save to a certain extent the increased costs due to the addition of 5g chips and the and the impact of the Covid-19.

Of course, the small-volume packaging box will also reduce transportation costs.

Maybe it will be more accessories sales

Maybe it will be more accessories sales. As I mentioned earlier, Apple is contacting global suppliers to guarantee the supply of 20w chargers. Apple has been selling related accessories. If new phones and all future mobile phones no longer provide earphones and chargers, then Apple’s accessory sales will surely grow steadily.

Old iPhone users have earphones and corresponding chargers, but old things are more prone to breakage, so buying new ones is inevitable. For users of the new iOS system converted from the Android system, they must purchase the charger separately when purchasing the new iPhone in advance.

For environmental protection Yes, we have too many electronic accessories.

For environmental protection? Yes, we have too many electronic accessories. Mobile phones have become a necessary product for people all over the world. People change their phones almost every 1.5 years.

In the past, every mobile phone would be equipped with a cable and a charger. We are also buying other electronic equipment, most of these accessories are universal. Almost everyone will have more than 3 data cables and redundant charging adapter at home.

Apple takes the lead in this action, which will enhance consumers’ environmental awareness and will also prompt other mobile phone manufacturers to reduce related accessories.

Are you planning to buy a new generation iPhone?

Although the iPhone has not made a big breakthrough in innovation in recent years, the super powerful iOS14 chip will still attract many users.

Regardless of whether it returns to the right-angle side in appearance or cancels the charger and earphones, the decisive factor that ultimately affects consumers’ purchase of the new iPhone 12 is its performance and price.

Are you planning to buy a new generation iPhone

With the general price increase of 5g mobile phones by around $100, Apple is willing to keep the price the same as the previous generation iPhone, which is very friendly to many people.

Apple always makes some breakthroughs in the industry. iPhone4 is a mobile phone with a non-removable battery. iPhone7 is the first to cancel the headphone jack. Now iPhone12 is about to unconfigure the charger and headset. Some netizens once satirized that Apple would cancel the mobile phone next step. But Apple has been changing everyone’s consumption habits and industry rules. This is also an aspect of their innovation.

We have been bombarded by various rumors about the iPhone 12, and recently there is news that Apple will first release the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 max and iPhone 12 Pro in September. Then they will release the other two models in October. I believe most people will read the real review video before buying.

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