iPhone 12 with 4 cameras!Do we really need many cameras ?

iPhone 12 with 4 cameras!Do we really need so many cameras on our phone ?
iPhone 12 with 4 cameras!Do we really need so many cameras on phone
iPhone 12 with 4 cameras!Do we really need so many cameras on phone

Our initial impression of a mobile phone, its size, shape, color, may be its camera. In recent years, Mobile phone manufacturers pay attention to improving the quality of photos, and will add lenses to their phones.

The number of cameras on a mobile phone has increased from two to three or four. There are even dozens of cameras on a mobile phone. Like news about iphone12, it seems has 4 cameras. Do we really need a phone with so many cameras? Let’s talk about phone cameras.

The real role of the camera on the phone

The role of the mobile phone is communication in the beginning. Samsung produce the first cell phone with a built-in camera. Phone with camera increase its function, and spread its social function.

Take photos
Take photos
  • Take photos/videos

We carry mobile phones every day. But when the network was not yet developed, we used a mobile phone to take pictures to record the beautiful scenery we discovered. Now that the Internet is developed, we are more used to sharing our lives anytime,anywhere.

In addition to sharing food photos on social platforms, play a vlog is one of ways to share ourselves lifestyle. For most people, we play photos or videos and edit by our phone, it’s really efficient and easy.

  • Translation/SCAN/AR

Take a photo with words, and then apply the application. The app will automatic identify the words in the picture and translate the words in you language. Phone with camera make our life more convenient. Meanwhile, as lenses on the device, it make the camera can AR /QR function , and measuring.

  • Act as a computer camera

Mobile phones and computers have become indispensable equipment in our daily office. If you observe carefully, you will find that today’s laptops and mobile phones are equipped with cameras. While there are many desktop computers with no lens on the display.

If we install a special app in our phone, connect the desktop computer, the image which the phone pacy will will show on the computer. That means the camera of phone translate to be lens of computer. It also can adapt to the laptop or other smart device.

Pursuit of better photos/videos, increasingly demanding cameras

Multiple-cameras phone is a smart phone featuring one primary camera to capture things and others cameras add specific features. All the cameras at the same time to deliver sort of photo.

The other lens iuxiliary functions such as zooming or increasing the amount of incoming light , better HDR ,portrait modes or 3D.


A dual-camera phone is a smartphone featuring two separate rear cameras. Most dual camera phone combinations are the main camera with a depth sensor/monochrome sensor/wide-angle lens or telephoto lens. The combination of common dual-camera lenses on the market is color and black&white lenses or zoom and wide-angle lenses.

Dual-cameras-iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 has a new dual 12-megapixel camera on the back. It is a standard camera with an ultra-wide camera.Apple improve their the dual cameras. The new Wide sensor has 100 percent Focus Pixels for up to three times faster autofocus in low light. The ultra wide lens Capture four times more scene, it’s great for landscapes, travel, groups, large interiors, and action shots. Of course, it also have good work at night mode.

As for two cameras display on the phone, in the market, the arrangement of the two cameras on the phone is mostly in two forms. The two lenses are demined horizontally or vertically in the upper left corner of the back of the cell phone.

Triple cameras

The triple-camera mobile phone is to add a lens to the dual-camera mobile phone, so that the camera function of the mobile phone is more excellent. The most famous of these phones are Huawei P30 and Samsung Galaxy S20.

The first triple-camera phone is Huawei P20 Pro. Since then, many manufacturers develop a lots of triple- camera phone . It  gradually become the mainstream of the cell phone market.

Triple cameras-huawei P30
Triple cameras-huawei P30

The Huawei P30 comes with three rear cameras, namely a 40MP primary sensor, an 8MP 3x telephoto lens, and a 16MP ultra-wide snapper. The three lenses are arranged upright. Huawei’s primary camera also features an RYYB color filter rather than the RGB filter found on all other smartphone cameras, enabling unparalleled low-light performance. Other solid specs include a 3,650mAh battery, 32MP selfie camera, 3.5mm port, and in-display fingerprint sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is also a good device. The three lenses are neatly placed in a square dish. iPhone 11 Pro do the same.

Of course, four-camera mobile phones and even five-camera mobile phones have already been produced and sold by manufacturers, but they are only a small part.

The disadvantages of phone with many lens

  • Fast power consumption

The camera is one of the most important pieces of hardware on a smart phone. It is a separate piece of hardware to drain the battery quite a bit. The vast majority of camera battery drain comes from display and processor usage. Your display is needed as a viewfinder and some OEMs even bump up the brightness of the display when in camera mode.

Additionally, every modern smartphone has at least some post-processing and that also requires extra processing power.

  • Increase weight of phone

Manufacturers increase the quality of their photos by increasing the number of cameras on their phones, which undoubtedly makes the phone much heavier than single-camera phones. At the same time, they will also expand the screen size. Mobile phones don’t seem to be small.

  • Easy to scratch

The increase of the lens makes the back of the phone no longer smooth. We couldn’t place the phone on desk smoothly, because the lens protrudes. In this case, the lens is more likely to be scratched and easily knocked. When the phone falls from a height, in addition to check phone screen, we are observing whether the cameras are damaged.

Choose the right mobile phone case to protect the mobile phone lens

CASEKOO iPhone 11 Pro Max Heavy Duty Matte Case
CASEKOO iPhone 11 Pro Max Heavy Duty Matte Case

Mobile phone lenses are expensive and fragile. Casekoo focus on protecting phone cameras. For example, iphone 11 pro max with 3 cameras on its back panel, CASEKOO Heavy Duty Matte Case develops a case with cushions on four corners can absorb 95% of drop impact. Meanwhile, casekoo increase the bumper for screen and camera.

According to the height of phone cameras, casekoo raised 1.5mm bumper that higher than other case. This case provide more professional protection for phone cameras. So this is a good choice for your multiple-cameras phone.

CASEKOO Heavy Duty Matte Case
CASEKOO Heavy Duty Matte Case

Multiple-cameras phones can take high-quality photos, but they also have some disadvantages.If you like to take photos and have high requirements for photos, you can choose the phone. But if there are no special requirements, you do not have to pursue multiple-cameras phone.

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