How to Protect My New iPhone 12 Pro Max

How the Casekoo cover and protector has worked for me

Now that phones, especially iPhones, are so common, it is easy to forget how big an investment they are. When I bought my new phone, it shocked me how expensive it was, especially the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and it sent me into a flurry of somewhat misguided preparation. I thought that since Apple sells the iPhone, they would also sell the best possible products and screen protector for the phone. Little did I know, that actually is not true.

For several years, I would only buy Apple phones at the store, from which I bought my phone. I stuck to these cases because I thought they were the best the industry had to offer. Maybe for some time, they were, but not anymore.

The importance of protecting the iPhone

I recently bought a new smartphone. When I was not able to buy a protector in the store, I struggled. I did not want to break my new phone. After my trials and tribulations, I decided to turn to the web to find a protective cover for my new phone. What I discovered is amazing. That is why I am here. I wanted to share my experience, so others would not have to go through the stress-inducing situations I did.

Without further ado, here is the brand you should buy from, and here is why.

The importance of protecting the iPhone

iPhones are beautiful pieces of equipment, but so fragile. The screen is so easily damaged; it can easily crack while the phone is protected if the protection is not one of the best on the market. In addition, sitting on a naked cellphone or applying any type of pressure can affect how it works in addition to cracking the screen. I knew this already since I have owned other IPhones before, so I was already prepared to get a lifeproof cover right away, but cases for iPhone from Apple’s official stores are expensive, which sent me into panic mode.

Immediately, I started looking for an affordable case for my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I could not purchase one in-store because the store did not have a cover that fit my phone in stock. For that reason, I turned to the Internet. When you search for phone cases for new phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the results mainly turn up Apple products because they are so heavily associated. When I did some deeper digging, though, I found other products that ran in competition to Apple’s heavily advertised phone protectors. Fresh from my splurge on my new phone that I wanted desperately to keep nice as long as possible, I started in on some in-depth research on the differences between Apple phone cases and Casekoo phone cases, an up-and-coming brand.

Apple versus Casekoo

Case Comparison

The main difference that you will notice immediately when you purchase the product is the size. Apple cases are typically bulky, and they do not fit well in a pocket or purse. I have had this issue with past phones and with my new iPhone. Although the cases protect the phone pretty well, they are not pretty, and they are not convenient. When I began to look into cases, bulkiness is one of the biggest things I looked for and wanted to fix. If I could find a cover that was as protective as Apple cases without all of the bulk, I was set.

Unfortunately, the cases are bulky for a reason. The bulk provides insulation and protects the phone. Most cases that are thinner and slide into pockets better do not protect the phone, as well, and lead to broken screens and slower function. Every time I thought I found a cover that would work as well as an Apple protector, the reviews brought me back to reality.

That is until I found Casekoo. I was immediately intrigued when I saw the reviews on the two cases I was interested in, the Defender hard clear cover in blue and the Defender hard clear cover in black. They were both 100% positive, all five stars, which is just plain impressive. This fact caused me to look into the product more.

These cases can survive when dropped from more than six feet thousands of times. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive and confirm this fact, and now I can confirm it, too. This protection is lightweight, and the color of your device shows through while the phone is still protected. Like anyone else, there have been plenty of times in which I have dropped my phone since I got this cover. Each time, it has survived. Although I have not had my new phone for all that many days, I can confirm that so far, this cover is working just as well, if not better than the Apple cases that I have had previously.

If you like how protective Apple’s cases are, but you are sick of not being able to fit your phone in your pocket, Casekoo is the perfect solution.

Protecive Screen Comparison

Another issue I had with Apple cases is that they seem to be the only cases for newer iPhones that come with a protective cover. It is nearly impossible to find a matching screen protector when you buy a cover. It is very frustrating.

Luckily, Casekoo offers screen protectors, as well, which fit perfectly with their cases because they were made to go together.

Screen protectors are, overall, pretty similar. The most important part is that it is with your cover. Luckily, buying both from Casekoo ensures that they will fit.

How the Casekoo cover and protector has worked for me

Since I got new Casekoo products, I have been extremely happy with my results. It is easy to drop your phone, everyone mistakenly does it at some point, but if you looked at my phone and my cover, there is no way that you would be able to tell. The outside is not scuffed, my phone is not slow, and my screen is not cracked or scratched. It looks like I purchased it yesterday.

How the Casekoo cover and protector has worked for me

The cover and screen protector was easy to put onto my phone, and they look great, too. Most of the reason I went on the wild hunt to find a different kind of cover was that I was unhappy with the size of Apple’s cases. I bought this protector to be more convenient, and more convenient it is. It slips easily into my pocket or purse, and it is not bulky or hard to hold. I am overjoyed to have found this brand. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a protective yet convenient phone cover.


Overall, although it took quite a bit of time and research, I am so happy to have found Casekoo. From the way Apple is promoted, you would think there is nothing better. With some research, you will soon discover that this may not be the truth.

Casekoo is an amazing up and coming brand that will no doubt soon be at the top of the industry. Do not miss out just because they are a newer business. The purpose of this blog was to save the time of others who bought the same phone I did and had the same problems with cases. I do not want you to make my mistakes and buy a cover that is not right for you. Trust me, and try out the Casekoo protector today. You will not regret it.