How to choose cases for your iPhone 12

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Apple is doing its best to make sure that your iPhone 12 remains in good condition once you start using it, introducing a new Ceramic Shield screen to help it endure any unexpected drops.

But even with this added durability, your iPhone 12 could use some help to stay in fresh shape. Choosing a right iPhone 12 cases can help protect your $699 or even or expensive phone. And plenty of options exist that not only safeguard your device but also show off its stylish design.

When it comes to finding the right iPhone 12 case for your needs, you’ve got a vast selection of cases to choose from, too. From durable plastic to thin, sheer cases, there’s a perfect case for anyone looking to add one to their iPhone 12 survival kit.

What to look for when you choosing a case for your new device?

Drop protection

We look for cases that adequately protect a phone without adding unnecessary bulk. We do drop our phone from time to time, so it’s important to make sure our phone will survive in our daily use.

Full coverage

As a general rule, the more of the phone that a case protects, the better. We prefer cases that protect everything but the phone’s screen. On the other hand, we don’t consider cases with a circular opening to expose the Apple logo on the back of the phone because they offer less overall protection with no real benefit.

Raised front lip

A lip around the edges of the display helps prevent cracked screens—one of the biggest worries with any smartphone. Also a phone case which has a raised lip but will not effect the installation of screen protector is important, too.

No wireless interference

A case shouldn’t reduce performance with any wireless signals. Additionally, the case shouldn’t prevent you from using any Magsafe. That’s an especially important consideration with the iPhone 12 series.

Broad aesthetic appeal

Although you can find a case suitable for any aesthetic preference, we look for cases that have simple, even elegant designs—cases that are likely to appeal to most people—rather than models that adhere to specific aesthetic choices.

Thin case for iPhone 12 series

When you just get your new iPhone 12, you will be amazed by its perfect touch feeling since it has changed to square frame and corner this year. So you may want to keep this feeling after install a phone case. In this case you need a thin case instead of a bulky case.

To keep the look simple, this ultra-thin, ultra-simple phone case from CASEKOO may be just right-making your phone as smooth as when you bought it. It really almost feels like you’re using the iPhone without a case in the way and certainly adds no bulk at all. The case doesn’t protect the display, though, so you may feel more at ease if you team it with a screen protector.

The slim matte case uses a simple design, no brand logo and name, so it uses a very stylish iPhone 12 protection method.

This means that it is not necessarily the most protective, but it looks absolutely superb on the phone and will still do a good job of preventing scratches.

Slim matte case for iPhone 12 series: click here

Clear case for iPhone 12 series

Using a transparent case is a great way to show off the iPhone design and keep it protected. The iPhone 12 series have some particularly beautiful color options, and CASEKOO crystal clear phone case allows you to display them. This clear case is made of a piece of TPU , which is simple and protective. Compared with some other situations, we like that its edges are completely transparent. The colored borders in these situations will damage the entire transparent object.

A series of repetitive dots are embedded on the back panel to prevent the appearance of “water stains”, which is usually common in transparent situations.

This crystal clear case is made from PC with an anti-fingerprint matte finish that prevents fingerprint smudges and oily stains, ensuring that your iPhone 12 continues to look no matter for how long you use it. It has been cut finely to provide a perfect fit around the phone.

You can get good protection without sacrificing appearance. The anti-drop technology provides advanced drop protection in the while keeping your iPhone 12 in display. A shock-absorbing flexible bumper with a strong back to maximize its defensive function. The transparent back cover is designed to maintain the original appearance of the iPhone 12 without turning yellow over time. Air cushion technology protects all corners of the phone, thereby reducing all impacts caused by daily impacts.

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Rugged case for iPhone 12 series

If your phone often falling out of your hand, you may need a strong protective case. CASEKOO tough armor case is a smart choice. It is made of a TPU shock-absorbing inner core and a strong polycarbonate back panel. It provides drop protection up to 12 feet (3.6 meters) and has a raised bezel that further enhances protection by keeping the display and camera lens away from dust and sand.

When choosing the right iPhone 12 case, protecting your device should be at the front of your mind. You should always consider the kind of material your case is crafted out of, as well as its drop rating for those unplanned spills. The higher the drop rating, the better chances your phone will be protected if it falls to the pavement. If you’re more worried about how your phone looks and prefer fun designs to heavy-duty materials, you can make do with lesser drop ratings, thinner phone cases, and even skins instead of cases if you want to skip them entirely.

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casekoo iPhone 12 case

Stylish case for iPhone 12 series

You can get good protection without sacrificing appearance. Also you can choose a case which perfectly match the new color of iPhone 12, pacific blue. Our clear case with colorful bezels around can both provide protection and maintain the original appearance of the iPhone 12 without turning yellow over time. Rubber cushion technology protects all corners of the phone, thereby reducing all impacts caused by daily impact.

The edge is black or blue, which looks great and contains the unique anti-shock material that can save the phone from a high fall.

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