How to Choose the Right Screen Protector for iPhone11?

Attaching a suitable screen protector on the mobile phone is not only to protect the mobile phone, but also a psychological comfort for yourself. So what kind of mobile phone protective film is suitable for iPhone11?

Why we should attach a screen film on the device?

Nowadays most smartphones are touch screen, which means that we will touch the mobile screen more than before.

Why we should attach a screen protector on the device?

Our fingerprints, grease and sweat all stay directly on the phone screen. Dust, water and other stains from the outside will also adhere to the mobile phone during our usual operation. Preventing stains from directly entering the phone is one of the reasons we added a screen protector to the original phone screen.

Touching the screen with your finger will put pressure on the screen. Long-term use caused wear and tear on the screen, and also left scratches. Covering another layer of screen on the phone screen can transfer this wear and extend the life of the phone.

The most important reason is that when the phone falls and the screen first touches the ground, the external screen is the first to be impacted, thereby reducing the impact of the original screen of the phone.

iphone screen broken

What cell phone protective film do people use?

There are four types of mobile phone membranes on the market: PET film、TPU film、Nano Liquid film and the most commonly used Tempered Glass Film(TGF).

PET&TPU&Nano Liquid film

Briefly, both PET and TPU are chemically plastics. They all have the properties of scratch resistance, oil and grease resistance and transparency.

But the difference is that TPU is more elastic. Lighter scratches usually leave just a small dent in the plastic, which slowly returns to normal. The flexibility of this plastic makes it able to absorb non-extreme impact forces.

PET&TPU&Nano Liquid film

The liquid film is special. By gently wiping this liquid onto the screen of the device, a protective film is formed on the original screen of the mobile phone. Just like we wipe the skin with a layer of lotion to prevent the skin from directly contacting the outside.

The most popular Tempered Glass protective film

The characteristics of glass make this film more smooth, and the super hardness prevent the screen most damage. It is also very convenient to clean.

The most popular Tempered Glass screen protector

On the basis of the material of the tempered film, in order to meet the various needs of people, the merchants produced TGF with special functions. Anti-blue TGF for protecting eyesight,3D Curved Full Cover TGF、Matte TGF for dust and fingerprint prevention、Mirror TGF and Privacy TGF.

Of course, people with no special requirements will go back to choose fully covered tempered screen protector to protect their phone.

Problems encountered when installing mobile phone membranes

Difficult to clean up impurities

Difficult to clean up impurities

It is not easy to clean up impurities on the phone. In addition to dust&fingerprint, if there is a protective film on the phone, there will still be some glue on the original screen of the phone after tearing it off, which is not easy to clean.

Difficult to remove air bubbles

The films of PET/PTU are more likely to generate a large number of bubbles during the filming process. Because they are softer than the tempered glass film, which will create more space when we slowly attach them to the mobile phone. Therefore, we must press the hard board while pressing it to squeeze out the excess air.

Difficult to remove air bubbles

Difficult to align the film

Due to lack of experience, many people tend to shake their hands, it is very easy to skew the film. Then lift the film again and paste it again. This process is probably to damage the intact membrane. If repeated many times, people will lose patience.

What kind of film is suitable for iPhone11?

According to official data from Apple, the iPhone 11 uses custom Corning glass which claimed the glass is the toughest ever in a smartphone. Gorilla Glass 6 can survive 15 drops from a height of 3.2 feet. Yes, the original screen of iPhone11 itself is very hard.

So the mobile phone protective film introduced before is actually applicable. But just as Apple will choose glass as the material of the mobile phone screen, a good touch is very important for touch screen mobile phones. 

Therefore, the tempered glass screen protector that can provide double protection is the most suitable for iPhone11. The general price is around $10-$30 . Its existence makes many people reluctant to spend $ 149(24 months coverage) to buy Apple Care+ and choose to install tempered glass at a low cost to protect their iphone 11.

Casekoo screen protector is the best choice for iphone 11 users

Casekoo is the best choice for iphone 11 users.

With 9H hardness tempered glass material and upgraded pressure technology, casekoo tempered glass film can withstand the impact of a falling 22lbs. steel ball from the height of 3ft, always keeping your screen NEW from any key.

It can fully cover the screen of iphone 11 and is sensitive to touch, as if touching the original screen. At the same time it is extremely clear.

Complete installation tools &easy to install

Complete installation tools &easy to install

The installation of casekoo tempered glass protector is also very friendly for novices.There are two films in each product package, so you don’t need to worry about buying it again next time. Casekoo provides two piece of cleaning kit for customers to wipe off the dust/stain on the screen.

Install the Installation Guide Frame on the mobile phone, film can be easily aligned with iphone 11. Gently attach the film to the device with finger, and it is almost finished. If bubbles appear during the operation, just press the screen lightly with your finger and the bubbles will be pushed out.

If you still have questions about the installation, you can watch the installation instruction video.

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