Will You Be the First Purchaser of iPhone 12?

There are dozens of rumors doing rounds about the expected release date of the iPhone 12. According to a twitter thread from @leaksapplepro, the eagerly awaited phone will be rolled out in October this year. Many people have not seen this device, however, they have decided to invest their money on it because of rumors […]

Why I Decide to Buy iPhone SE(2020)? 6 Reasons

Why do I decide to buy the iphone SE2020

Apple released the latest iphone SE. I decide to give up my iPhone 6 and buy iphone SE2. The iphone has been used for a few years but still works normally. Apple claimed the new generation packs their most powerful chip into their most popular size at their most affordable price. Yes, this is what I have been waiting for. […]

Why I Choose the Slim Matte Cases for My iPhone 11? The Best Slim Cases I Found

Why I Choose The Slim Matte Cases For iPhone 11

What kind of cases you are using for your iPhone 11? People have different choices of picking a phone case for their iPhone, and they will face some problems, whether they should buy a slim case or a protective case. Besides the choices, we are more preferring to know which case has the best using […]

Must-Have Apps for Your Stay-at-Home Routine

Must-Have Apps for Your Stay-at-Home Routine

While staying at home is essential to protect your health and others during this difficult time, sometimes it’s hard to stay entertained, motivated and productive when you’re sitting in the same space day in and day out. At Casekoo, we believe that your phone can be an amazingly powerful tool to keep you living your […]