Best Tech Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day 2021

casekoo mothers day gift idea

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to decide which presents will really show our mothers that we care about them. While flowers and jewelry maintain their popularity, you can win brownie points with Mom by seeking out unique Mothers Day gifts.

In the digital era, your best bet is to find phone accessories for women. Any tech gift recommendation should include products that make it easier to use a smartphone. The best gift for Apple fans will always be something related to the iPhone. To make sure your mother truly enjoys their special day, consider buying one of these unique Mothers Day gifts from CASEKOO.

Casekoo Phone Holder Stand


 If your mom loves watching movies on her iPhone, then she’s sure to appreciate this portable holder stand. Enjoying movies and videos can be exhausting if you’re forced to hold the device in your hand. With a Casekoo holder, your mom will be able to prop her phone up on a table for hands-free viewing. You can buy this gift along with an iPhone 12 mini fingerprint-proof screen protector for only $26.33. Armed with these essential accessories, both of which can easily fit into a pocket or bag, your mother will always be able to enjoy her favorite videos without doing a number on her wrists. 

Casekoo Crystal Glitter Case

Some women want their technology to have a little extra glamour. If you think your mom would enjoy a shiny aesthetic for her iPhone, consider getting her this stylish case. Made for the iPhone 12 series, it protects the device while transforming its appearance. With this case on its back, your mom’s iPhone 12 will look like a starlit night. For only $22.99, you can buy your mother what just might be the best gift for Apple fans. 


Casekoo Magnetic Clear Case

 If your mother uses Apple Wallet, then she probably brings her iPhone everywhere with her. The constant journey from the bottom of a purse to the reader at the checkout machine puts the phone at serious risk of an accident. This Casekoo Magnetic Crystal Clear Case will protect your mother’s iPhone 12 Pro Max without taking away from its sleek appearance. Not only does it avoid damage to the phone during potentially dangerous drops, but it also maintains its perfectly clear appearance. For just $22.99, you can get your mother a transparent case that never yellows the way cheaper cases often do. 

clear magsafe case 1

Casekoo Waterproof Phone Bag

 If your mother is the outdoorsy type, then she’ll appreciate an accessory that allows her to enjoy the wonders of nature without having to worry about the condition of her phone. The Casekoo waterproof phone bag will protect an electronic device from sand, dirt, and even water. With her waterproof bag, your mother will be able to take her phone skiing, hiking, and swimming without the slightest bit of concern. While this accessory only costs $12.99, the peace of mind it will offer your mother is priceless. That’s what makes it the perfect tech gift recommendation for outdoorsy mothers.

casekoo waterproof bag

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