Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases For Women

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max For Women

Finding an iPhone 12 Pro Max case can be tough, especially for women. Just because we want cases that look nice, we often have to sacrifice quality and protection. Casekoo cases provide a unique opportunity for women to be able to get a beautiful case that we can show off to our friends without worrying bout damage if we accidentally drop our iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Accidents happen with our phones all the times. Sometimes we drop them because we’re carrying too much. Sometimes our kids drop them during screen time. No matter what happens, it can be catastrophic for our phones if we drop them. You don’t want your new iPhone 12 Pro Max to have a huge crack in it, letting you only barely be able to read the screen. We’ve all been there and it can be frustrating with how expensive smartphones are. So until they make shatter-proof screens, we need to make sure we protect our devices so they last longer.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case For Women

It is possible to have both a pretty and a reliable case. These are perfect for your phone, or even as a gift for someone you know. As long as you know what type of phone that they have, you can get one of Casekoo cases which make great gifts.

These are just our favorites, but we have more options for you to consider as well. So if these products interest you, then be sure to take a look at Casekoo official website to see even more options. Each of Casekoo products have pictures as well, in case you want to see the quality or color that you are buying. So, here are some examples of Casekoo iPhone 12 Pro Max cases that are pretty and protective:

Crystal Glitter Case For Women

This case is a really beautiful option, especially for those of us who love glitter. This is not an ordinary phone case that will fade or get scratched off over time. Casekoo iPhone cases that use stickers to design their cases can fade very quickly and can peel off if you put your iPhone 12 Pro Max in your pocket too much.

Casekoo Crystal Glitter Case for Women

Casekoo glitter design is actually embedded into the case instead of laying on top like most other cases. It prevents any fading or peeling of the design. This means that you’re not going to see the design fade over time. It will last as long as you have your phone. So, your case will always look new, especially since it is so easy to clean.

This case features 4 air bags, one in each corner, to help prevent damage when the iPhone 12 Pro Max is dropped. The case is made to withstand a drop of 5 feet, and will protect your phone from damage by absorbing most of the blow.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case For Women Slim and Lightweight

The case is raised by the front screen and camera to prevent damage to them. This helps prevent scratches and cracks if your phone is dropped.

Even with the protection that this case offers, the case will still work with wireless chargers. The case is clear with silver glitter so it will look great with any color iPhone 12 Pro Max and match all of your accessories too. You never have to worry about this phone case clashing with your nails, makeup or purse because the silver glitter will match anything.

Defender Hard Clear Case For iPhone 12 Pro Max

This beautiful case comes in black and a gorgeous royal blue. It is slim to ensure that it can still fit in your pocket while giving you the protection you need for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you’re looking for some serious protection for your iPhone, then this is the case for you. This case is military-certified, meaning that it is guaranteed with MIL-STD-810G standard.

Defender Hard Clear Case For iPhone 12 Pro Max

Casekoo defender case is designed to disperse severe shocks. So if your iPhone is dropped it will absorb most of the shock from hitting the ground and disperse it so that your iPhone 12 Pro Max is safer. It also has a grip that allows you to keep better control of your iPhone without it being sticky or tacky. There will be no interruption with wireless charging because of the cases sleek design.

The front of the case is raised to protect your screen. The raised edges of the case will absorb the blow of any drop before your iPhone screen so that it prevents damage. The back is raised as well to protect your camera in case your iPhone 12 Pro Max is dropped on that side.

Slim Matte Case For Ladies

This ultra-slim but still protective case comes in 5 different colors. The metallic blue case has a special coating that makes the case change color in different light. The thinness of Casekoo case allows for maximum comfort when using your iPhone 12 Pro Max. This is a great case if you are seeking a minimalist look with maximum protection.

Slim Matte Case For Ladies

Despite the slim case design, the front and back edges are still lifted to prevent scratches to the screen and camera lens. This design also has 4 air bags in the corners of the case which absorb the blow if the phone is dropped. So even though Casekoo matte case is thin, your device will still be protected.

Casekoo iPhone 12 Pro Max Slim Matte Case is 0.03 inches thick and weighs 0.6oz. This is the most light, slim case you can get that offers the amount of protection that it does. The case has a good grip and a velvety touch making it easy to hold but not sticky or tacky at all.

The matte finish also prevents fingerprints from being left, so you won’t have to constantly clean this case to keep it looking nice.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Protective Clear Case

This phone case is perfect if you want something simple but very protective. Casekoo Protective Clear Case will show off the color that you chose for your iPhone 12 Pro Max and offer a layer of protection also. It is completely clear with no fading or clouding, and it has a diamond antioxidant layer that keeps it from yellowing.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Case For Women Slim as it Gets

Casekoo protective case features 4 air bags to ensure shatter protection. It also has raised corners to ensure your screen doesn’t crack if the phone is dropped. The tight fit will prevent dust from getting between the case and your iPhone which means it will stay clean and prevent scratching.

The crystal protective case also gives you a nice firm grip. So it’ll be easier to hold on to your phone and you don’t have to worry about it sliding around. There is plenty of protection with no added bulkiness. So this case makes your iPhone 12 Pro Max safer and easier to handle.

Just like all the other cases listed, this case is compatible with wireless charging, will support Apple Magsafe and ensures protection. It also allows you to design the case any way you want it by adding your own stickers to it. This case allows you to keep it simple or design it however you want while ensuring quality protection for your iPhone.

These are just a few examples of the many beautiful iPhone 12 Pro Max cases that Casekoo offers. Whether women are looking for something pretty or simple, we’ve got you covered. Best of all, you’re getting all the protection you need to ensure your phone keeps its quality for a long time.

Casekoo also offer screen protectors and accessories for your iPhone 12 Pro Max to go along with your beautiful new case. So, if you try one of our cases just know you’re getting a pretty case with protection included. We never plan to be hard on our iPhone 12 series, but inevitably, we are sometimes. So, put one of our cases on and know that your phone is safer.

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