Apple Event–Why There Is No iPhone 12 And When Can We See Them(Bonus in the end)

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Apple had a big day this week. They announced numerous new things. On top of this list is the new iPad and the new Apple Watch. Missing from the list was all the information about the iPhone 12. Needless to say, Apple gave its followers a lot to chew on with all of the newest gadgets and technology coming their way.

Apple Event

Apple announced a few big things at their big Apple event. The big announcements included the Apple Watch 6, the iPad Air 4, Apple Watch SE, newest iPad, the Apple One subscription services and the rolling out of Apple Fitness+. Apple One will be their services bundle joining the ranks with many other in the bundle business. It will come in three different tiers. These include the Individual with iCloud storage, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade for $14.95 a month. The Family Plan includes the same services for up to five family members for $19.95 a month. The Premier is the same services with Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ for $29.95 a month. They also announced the iOS 14 iPhone update would be released on Wednesday, September 16. All of these new products must have the newest software. The details of the new iPad Air and iWatch were also rolled out. We’ll go over those below.

What Is Apple Fitness?

The new Apple Fitness+ plan is a fitness streaming subscription. People get guided workouts using your own workout details from the Apple Watch. It’s a bit like Peloton Digital. This is the first one built strictly for the Apple Watch. You get to pick out any workout videos from the streaming service. The Apple Watch syncs your calories burned along with your heart rate and pace.

New iOS 14 Update

The newest operating system will give current models a free refresh. It has an App Library that organizes the apps so you don’t need to scroll through pages on your phone. It has App Clips offering you a small part of the app to use at the moment. You can then integrate it with Apple Pay. Group texts will include options to pin the most conversations at the top. One of the biggest technology advances is the use of digital car keys. You can use this to unlock or start your car. Incoming calls will now be a banner across the top of your screen instead of taking it over. You can also watch videos while doing other things on the phone. The levels of privacy are also boosted in the app store as well as your location.

What You Should Know About New iPad

The iPad Air will not have a large, edge-to-edge screen. You’ll have a fingerprint sensor as well. This new iPad Air is available in five different colors as well as a new design with small bezels. The colors include: silver, gray, green, blue, and rose gold. It will start at $500. The touch ID fingerbring is inside the tablet’s power button. The processor speed is 40% faster than the older version. It will have a different charger than Apple’s usual lightning charger. It charges with a USB-C connector, not Apple’s proprietary Lightning charger. They are boosting the iPad Air because many people are now working and going to school at home with the coronavirus pandemic. This will be available in stores next month.

What You Should Know About New Apple Watch

The newest version of the Apple Watch is going to be exciting for many people. This watch is allowing Apple to break into the healthcare industry. The Apple Watch 6 can even detect heart issues. It will have a sensor that detect blood oxygen levels. Due to the pandemic, the watch features an infrared light that determines if you have respiratory problems as well. It will detect signs of atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeats. This watch will help the ecosystem. You can adjust your AirPod’s volume or unlock your MacBooks without a passcode. It will start at about $399, but the good news is that there is an inexpensive version of this watched called the Apple Watch SE, which will start at $279.

Wait,What About The New iPhone?

It’s said that Apple will hold another event on 14th, Oct. On this event Apple will release the four models of iPhone 12.

Surprisingly, these things were all announced before the arrival of the new iPhone. It’s still expected to be released in October 2020. We’ll tell you what we know so far through the grapevine. It will come in four models including a 5.4 inch, 6.1 inch Max, 6.1 inch Pro and a 6.7 inch Pro Max. All of these are expected to look more like the iPhone 4 and 5 with flatter edges and a slimmer notch. All of these models will fit perfectly with a new, Casekoo case to protect them. This is rumored to be Apple’s first 5G phone. The Pro models should have a LiDAR scanner. The phones will have a powerful A14 Bionic processor just like the iPad Air. One big thing missing is that it will not come with a charger. That should be fine because the power should be supercharged with huge effects on battery life. You’re also supposed to have wireless charging on all of these phones, and it is rumored to be sticking with the traditional lightning charger. The RAM could also be supercharged with the Pro and Pro Max having 6GB. The standard phone should still have 4GB. The camera should be professional quality. Along with the LiDAR scanner, you should have two camera lenses with the Pro and the Pro Max. Some say the camera should have a 64MP main camera. This is a large upgrade from today’s 12MP camera. It will have night mode shooting as well as the ultra wide shooting capability.

If you’re waiting with baited breath for the iPhone 12, you shouldn’t have to wait too long. With all of these exciting new announcements, Apple has people reaching for the newest gadgets while they wait for the newest phone. Hang on, the technology you crave will be in your hands by Christmas.

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