New purple finish for iPhone 12 and 12 mini: Should I buy or wait for iPhone 13?

casekoo crystal clear case

New purple finish for iPhone 12 and 12 mini: Should I buy or wait for iPhone 13?

The colors for iPhone models deserve the clarity of a Casekoo clear case that doesn’t turn yellow. Its clarity lets Apple’s fantastic hues shine through and complement the amazing technology.

Enhancing the Beauty of Apple Artistry

casekoo crystal clear case
Almost everyone knows the amazing technology that Apple puts into its products, and the colors that iPhone 12/13 features seem to share the exceptional creativity. The new purple shade expands the palette of bright and bold blue, green, red, black and white choices. As the world’s most popular smartphone, it makes sense for Apple to promote it with a stunningly beautiful purple finish.

Anything of beauty deserves appreciation, and the arrival of an elegant color just in time for spring makes it especially appealing. However, no one can admire even the most beautiful object when something covers it. The crystal glitter case for iPhone reveals it instead, enhancing the color with clarity. When you own an iPhone 12/13, you have a prize that complements your taste. With a clear case that never yellows, you can see the brilliance and extraordinary beauty of colors as Apple’s artists intended.

Anticipating New iPhone 13 Colors

anticipate iphone 13 color

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While almost no one can know for certain what it may look like, the iPhone 13’s anticipated arrival in September attracts interest and curiosity. Owners may once again enjoy the Space Gray or Graphite, but it may have a blacker matte shade. Along with its return, Apple has plans to introduce orange or bronze as a dramatic expansion of colors for iPhone models. However, it may not get into production in time for the iPhone 13, a great pity if true. Insiders say the orange looks great and welcome the addition of an innovative and creative entry into the line.

Continuing in the Apple tradition, the new colors represent the highest level of quality in artistry and technology. The Casekoo crystal glitter case for iPhone compliments existing colors and the new ones too. By enhancing and enriching Apple’s glorious palette, a Casekoo clear case that doesn’t turn yellow increases the joy of ownership.

Offering a Choice for Every Taste

casekoo iPhone 12 case

The colors that iPhone 12/13 features let owners display personality preferences and individuality. The brightness and sharp qualities of the finishes help make the Apple iPhone the favorite of buyers around the world. When a color can make a product instantly identifiable, owners can make sure it shows when a case protects it. It makes no difference which model you choose, because you can protect it and still see it with a clear or crystal glitter case.

• Purple
Some owners like the new purple for its familiar use in spring and want to mimic it in a choice of iPhone. Fresh hyacinths, verbena, salvia and even Easter eggs use it to show youthful exuberance and joy. The Casekoo crystal glitter case for iPhone can preserve it through all the seasons.

• White
The contrast of white offers a unique choice of simplicity and purity. A complementary Casekoo crystal glitter case for iPhone never fades or flakes while it enhances its elegance. White goes with every mood and everything you wear. You can always have pride in a white iPhone that stands out for its extraordinary appearance.

• Black
Always in style, black has a classic appearance that makes it admired anywhere. The white part of the logo offers a subdued version that lets it blend with the dark black that some owners prefer. With plenty of choices of colors that iPhone 12/13 features, either black or white can provide a unique option.

• Blue
A deep richness distinguishes the blue iPhone 12/13, and its loveliness shines with a Casekoo clear case that doesn’t turn yellow. The elegance of an Apple product reflects the genius that went into developing the technology. The exterior case in lustrous colors reveals the exceptional quality that lies within.

• Green
All the freshness of new growth receives recognition in the green of the Apple iPhone 12/13. As a sign of good luck or just a favorite color, it can provide different meanings to anyone who sees it. A Casekoo crystal glitter case for iPhone hides nothing from view and lets owners show it off with pride.

• Red
Among the colors for iPhone models, the red remains a perennial favorite of iPhone lovers worldwide. The brilliant red provides an unmistakable distinction that always draws attention. An enjoyable experience each time an owner needs to send a message, make a call or research something, the red indicates readiness for whatever comes.

Choosing Excellence to Complement Beauty

casekoo crystal clear case

Apple’s artists capture everyone’s imagination as the purple shade allows treasured memories to have an influence on decision-making. The springtime color can almost seem to produce the sweet aroma of a new blossom as it opens. When it comes down to reasons that people prefer the iPhone, some of it rests on the dramatic colors of the case. The Casekoo crystal glitter case and the Casekoo clear case that doesn’t turn yellow let your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini keeping looking new for as long as you own them. The white part of the logo remains distinctively clear and crisp. When you choose a color for a reason, Casekoo lets you see its lustrous beauty.